MJUnlimited Essential Mktg

Q. How do I get a hold of someone at MJUnlimited Essential Mktg?
A. Visit MJUEM to contact support form or to our team here: admin@mjunlimitedessentialmktg.com

Q. Can I register a professional looking custom domain name (example: mywebsite.com)?

A. Yes, you can register a custom domain name with MJUnlimited Essential Mktg . Simply picking a Silver Gold or Platinum business package, and your domain name will be working with your website within minutes.

Q. Can I have a professional looking email address that matches my website domain name? (myname@MyWebsite.com)
A. Yes, when you choose a domain name for your website you will be able to purchase email addresses that match your domain name.  

Q. Can I add a contact form to my MJUEM website?
A. Yes, we can create and add custom forms to your website.

Q. Can I add ecommerce and accept credit card payments on my website?
A. Yes, we can add an ecommerce to your website and will be able to take payments from all major credit cards and even PayPal.

You will need to open a PayPal account in order to  apply to your account.  

Payments Acceptance

When you choose a store plan your setup payment acceptance method by default.  WePay allows you to accept credit card payments and deposits the funds into your bank account.  A few moments after choosing your plan package for ecommerce, we'll be able to setup your transactions to receive credit card payments.

There are several other payment acceptance methods compatible with MJUnlimited Essential Mktg ecommerce packages.  They include PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net.  For instructions on how to configure each of these payment acceptance be sure to contact Customer Service for assistance with these features at mjunimitedessentials@gmail.com  or admin@mjunlimitedessentialmktg.com .

Creating Business Email Addresses

Your new email will be automatically configured and fully functional immediately. Note: if your domain is registered elsewhere, you will need to point your domain to our name servers which MJUnlimited Essential Mktg will maintain for you, if you've purchased your previous domain name, and are transferring it to MJUEM.

Closing My MJUnlimited Essential Mtkg Account

If for any reason you would like to close your account or cancel a subscription, send our support team an email at mjunlimitedessentials@gmail.com or admin@mjunlimitedessentialmktg.com.   Just be sure to let us know what site name it is you are looking to close or delete and we would be happy to assist you.

Renewing Your MJUnlimited Essential Mtkg Account

All of the products and services that MJUnlimited Essential Mtkg provides are set up to Auto-renew by default and will use your credit card you have on file to do so.  Monthly plans are Auto-renewed on a monthly basis, while annual plans renew annually 30 days prior to the expiration of that product or service.  

If not automatically renewed, we can renew manually from within the Backoffice section of your MJUnlimited Essential Mtkg .  

Once all associated invoices are paid, access to that site or service will be restored immediately so long as your domain name is current.

If you have any questions about how to renew your site or when that occurs, be sure to reach out to our support team and we would be happy to help out.